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Silver State Fair Housing Council (SSFHC) will host several informational remote fair housing forums via Zoom. These forums are FREE and open to the public and are intended to allow individuals to learn more about their fair housing rights. Forums will focus on specific topics and will provide increased awareness of fair housing rights and provide resources for marginalized communities here in Nevada.

Please review our scheduled forums. Identify a topic of interest. Click on the Zoom link on the day/time of the forum and join SSFHC on Zoom to learn more about your fair housing rights and look at how the fair housing act protects:

Persons with Disabilities:
• Learn to recognize and report illegal housing
• Reasonable accommodations and modifications for
persons with disabilities, including
• Waiving a “no pets” policy or “pet” fee/limitations to allow
assistance animals
• Providing a reserved parking space
• Allowing a ramp to be built or installing grab bars
• How to file a housing discrimination complaint

Families with children (under the age of 18):
• Learn to recognize and report illegal
housing discrimination:
“You have too many children”
“We only allow families with children to live in
ground-floor units”
“Here are our rules for children”

National Origin (in Spanish):
• Learn to recognize and report illegal
housing discrimination
“We only rent to English speakers”
“Are you sure you want to live here? We don’t have
a lot of your people”
“We will need proof of citizenship”

Each forum will allow for questions and answers.

March 2023 Fair Housing forums


Fair Housing Forum: Disability Focus

           Time: 2pm-3pm

          Join Zoom Meeting

Fair Housing Forum: Family Focus

Fair Housing Forum: Spanish


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