Protecting Your Right to Fair Housing

Working to break down barriers and build opportunities for the community since 1989

April is national Fair Housing Month. The federal Fair Housing Act was passed on April 11, 1968. 56 years later, federal and Nevada Fair Housing laws make it illegal to discriminate in the provision of housing or any housing-related service because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex/sexual orientation/gender identity, family status, and/or disability.

SSFHC has partnered with local jurisdictions in Northern and Southern Nevada, who are committed to creating a welcoming community and to affirmatively further fair housing for all residents of Nevada. To commemorate the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act and to observe April as national Fair Housing Month, please join SSFHC and jurisdictions as community events are conducted throughout the month of April.

Fair Housing Laws Protect All of Us

Ensuring the freedom to live where you want, without discrimination

At Silver State Fair Housing Council, we believe equal housing opportunity isn’t merely a privilege, but a basic human right. Housing should be available to all members of our community. Our dream is to see the day when no community member experiences the indignity of illegal housing discrimination.

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Who are We?

 Your first line of defense against housing discrimination

Silver State Fair Housing works to ensure equal housing for all Nevadans. We offer education, outreach and enforcement in an effort to empower housing consumers while educating housing providers.

Making A Difference

How does testing make for a better community?

“My experience as a tester gave me the very real sense that I was helping to make a difference in my community. No one should ever have to experience discrimination and SSFHC is working to make sure that day comes.” – Joel Lindsey,
SSFHC Education and Outreach Coordinator

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